Friday, December 12, 2014

Africa Day Six

We were up bright and early again this day to start our safari at 6am before the sun came up.  As we driving we got enjoy a gorgeous sunrise.  It was so beautiful. 
We saw lots of the same (amazing) animals. 
 Leopards are extremely rare to see because they hide in trees.  The group behind us caught this picture of a leopard.
This poor little giraffe made me so sad.  He had caught his leg on something and it looked terrible.  Our guide said that when we got back they would send out the doctor if the lions didn't get it first. 
There were so many antelope.  Everywhere!

 After our safari we hung out by the pool for a while.
 I had to practice my kung fu moves in case I came across an animal I needed to use it on.
 Our next adventure was a boat trip up the Nile to Murchison Falls. 

 We saw tons of groups of hippos.  Every 100 yards or so there was another big group.  Only one male is in every group because the dominant male kills the other males.
 Look at that mom and baby elephant.  It was so cute!

 These colorful birds lay their eggs in the side of this cliff. 
 A croc swimming up stream.
 The falls were gorgeous.  SO much water was coming out of a very small space.
 Lots of papyrus along the shores. 
 On the way home we again found ourselves singing rounds and dancing.  I think this particular picture was taken during a song from a Barbie movie.  We keep it classy like that.
 These baboons just roam the village freely
 All of the women carry their babies like this.  The babies always look so cozy.
 A warthog walked through our resort.
That night we sat by the pool, read, ate another delicious meal and watched another sunset in Africa.  What a beautiful county Uganda is.


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Love all the pictures! Gorgeous!!