Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Coming Home from Africa

Friday night my parents dropped us off at the airport.  It was sad to say goodbye.  I missed them the second we left them.
 I had a 4 hour layover in Amsterdam.  We HAD to eat breakfast in these cute little teacups.
Ebelskivers!  They were SO yummy!
I loved these big chairs and long table.
 Funny story...Alysia and I had a serious 1/2 hour conversation about where Amsterdam was at what the Netherlands were and where Holland was.  I'm sure if anyone heard us they must have thought we were the biggest American nerds ever.  We even texted Tyler at midnight(his time) to see if he could help us.  We luckily figured it out and had to take a picture next to this Holland sign.  Just so you know, Amsterdam is in the Netherlands and Holland is also a territory of the Netherlands. 
 Alysia and I parted ways in Amsterdam.  She had another 3+ hours of waiting.  I was sad to leave her because this was my longest flight.  It was weird to fly back into the night after it was already morning in Amsterdam.  This picture was taken over Greenland.
This is a mountain range in Canada.
 Look at this torturous flight path.  I was looking at the flight tracker every 5 minutes.  10.5 hours later, I arrived in Portland and then a few hours later onward to Salt Lake City.  I got the third degree in Portland about Ebola from customs.  I was SO excited to see the kids and Tucker.  They met me at the airport and it was the best hugs that I have ever had!
That's it!  That's the best trip I have ever taken in my life.  My parents were so generous and it was beyond amazing.  I am so grateful that I was able to experience this.  Someday I want to go back...


squiute said...

Well, what are you waiting for, aren't you off school for a week?