Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Rest of November

It took me about three days after I got home from Africa to feel human again.  I was a zombie for a while.  I had to go back to school a day after we got home, so no time to rest!
 Chloe always looks like a cutie pie when we go out.
 Shelby and Keaton started Jr. Jazz basketball.  They both are loving it.
 We had my family over for dinner.  I love these three cuties.  Paige, Chloe and Lyla.
 Keaton was the start student at school.
 Right before my diversity final Keaton decided to take a dive into our coffee table.  I made sure he was fine, gave my presentation and then took him to the instacare for stitches. 
 All of the Steed grandkids on Thanksgiving.
 We went to a Jazz basketball game.
 November was very mild, so we were able to still play outside a lot.
We also had to rake up a million leaves.