Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shelby's 10th birthday party

Shelby was turning ten and wanted to have a friend birthday party so I said I would plan her one.  I gave her a bunch of options and she wanted a sleepover type party.

Here is the invitation
I made blankets for party favors
As we were out and about running errands on the day of the party, Shelby told me that she had been seeing black floaters in her eye since she had gotten hit at school the day before.  It was very troublesome for me because that is something that her eye doctor had specifically told us to watch for with her.  It is a sign of retinal detachment.    I called the on-call ophthalmologist at the Moran Eye Center and they wanted us to come right in.  Now, I obviously would do whatever it takes to protect her vision, but I wanted to know how urgent it was to have her seen.  Shelby really wanted to have her party.  We headed to my brother-in-laws' so he could give Shelby a blessing and then I went to a local optometrist.  He couldn't give us a good answer as her eye situation is so complex but he did think that it was okay to have her party and then head down to the Moran Eye Center after the party. 
We had LOTS of yummy breakfast food.
Shelby asked her grandma to make her a green cat.  That's not an easy request and look how cute it turned out.  Debby is amazing.
 I had Tucker build tent frames as I wanted a campout feel to the party.  He did an excellent job.
 Shelby had a bunch of her school friends over and her 2 cousins that are her age.  12 girls in all!
 All of the girls LOVED the "campfire" and the tents.
 Cute girls Ellie and Teagan
 McKenzie, Shelby and Emily
 Hannah and Amara
 We decorated pillowcases!
 Shelby loved opening her presents...She probably got 80% cat stuff.  HA!
 We also played some fun games, told some ghost stories around the campfire and painted nails. 
 I found this cool candle that unfolds when you light it and plays the Happy Birthday song.
 The party was a huge success!  I loved watching Shelby with her friends.
After the party, we headed down to the Moran Eye Center.  We got there around 9:30pm.  They are fantastic there.  They did a very thorough examination and found that her vitreous is torn.  They were specifically looking for tears in her retina but the doctor said that it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Her doctor said to make sure she does not do any contact activities anymore...ever.  The future of her eyesight worries me but this girl has had many miracles happen to her and hopefully will continue her life with full vision!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

That looks like a very fun party! I hope her eyesight is ok. That is pretty scary!