Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March beginnings

I LOVE March.  We are having beautiful weather, Spring is right around the corner.  We made it through our very mild winter. 
 I attended a few senate meetings for my policy class and met up with my cute friend Jenni that works with the Governor.
 Shelby had her eyes rechecked again to make sure that there was no more retinal damage.  Good news was that there was no visible damage, bad news was that her eye drastically changed for the worst again.  Her prescription is now at a -24.50.  She was able to see about 20/60 with corrections. 
 Tucker came with us to the appointment so we all went to lunch at my favorite place El Matador!

 Tucker made this amazing tent for the kids.
 Shelby got sick again.  A week of on and off fevers of 104+.  That girl.
 A very cool thing happened, Shelby was chosen out of her school with a few other kids to have lunch with the mayor.  They picked them up in an ambulance, ate lunch and rode home in a police car.  She had the best time and I'm so proud of her.
 Silly girl.
 I went to parents and pastries at the kids school.  It was fun to spend some time with them in the morning.
 I rallied at the capital for mental health awareness and addiction. 
 It was a gorgeous day to walk around the capital.
 I went out to lunch after with a friend.
 We also have been enjoying the park weather.  It's so good for my soul!
Look how happy she is to be at the park!


squiute said...

You have the best friends! Why no mention of the monster bugs that were crawling all over your "friend" while protesting? I mean if she had put her foot down on the ground she could have been eaten alive.