Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We had a wonderful Easter this year.  It was gorgeous weather and a wonderful day to remember our Savior.
I took some pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.  I love this bunch.

Look how handsome Keaton is!

Shelby looks way to grown up in these!

Chloe loves to pose for a picture!

We painted Easter eggs at grandmas a few days earlier

The Easter bunny bought this big trike for the kids to share

Keaton's loot
I found this letter that Shelby made to the Easter bunny...Wha?!  That girl asked for a real motorhome.  HAHA!
She didn't get a motorhome, but she did get a coloring book, which is just as good, I'm sure.

We had yummy fruit crepes for breakfast

We played outside.  I love the gorgeous blooms in our front yard.

The kids had to try out the new trike
Conference just so happened to be on Easter Sunday, so we also got to enjoy that.

That night we went to Debby's for dinner.  She was sweet enough to play catch with Chloe.


squiute said...

What kind of parents - when a kid asks for a motor-home - doesn't get said kid a motor-home?