Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Random May fun

Voyage Academy put on a day of service and I was excited to participate.  We met at the school for doughnuts and instruction.

The city had set out some wood chips that needed to be spread out and we picked up litter.

It was quite the project but the kids got into it and loved it.

My mom had bought this piano on KSL forever ago and it has been sitting in our garage.  I FINALLY painted it.

I love how it turned out.

Chloe's cute preschool class went to the fire station.

Shelby, oh Shelby.  Sweet girl is going to need lots of orthodontia work done. 

I went to Alysia's on a random warm day and Chloe and Izzy ran in the sprinklers.

Is it wrong to be jealous of a three year olds hair?!

Shelby has a rapid pallet expander in and a lip bumper on the bottom.

Keaton was so excited to start baseball again.

He plays at Powerline Park...Seems kind of odd.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby Animal Days

We look forward to baby animals days every year now.  The kids get so excited.  We drove up in the afternoon and loved having the place almost to ourselves.
Keaton and Shelby by this cute goat in the petting zoo.

Shelby gets the most excited of all.  She could stay with the animals all day.  She loved this baby duck.

Keaton loved his little duck too.

Alysia drove up with Reese, Izzy and Nash.

Shelby and Reese

All of the kiddos
We were so excited to get to hold these tiny goats.  They made the cutest baa's!

The kids rode the horses a bunch of times. 

Chloe wouldn't put her feet down.

At the very end, Chloe was finally brave enough to hold an animal

We rode the train a few times too.
I don't even know what to say about this picture...
Except that I had to recreate it with my eldest! HAHA!