Friday, May 1, 2015

Baby Animal Days

We look forward to baby animals days every year now.  The kids get so excited.  We drove up in the afternoon and loved having the place almost to ourselves.
Keaton and Shelby by this cute goat in the petting zoo.

Shelby gets the most excited of all.  She could stay with the animals all day.  She loved this baby duck.

Keaton loved his little duck too.

Alysia drove up with Reese, Izzy and Nash.

Shelby and Reese

All of the kiddos
We were so excited to get to hold these tiny goats.  They made the cutest baa's!

The kids rode the horses a bunch of times. 

Chloe wouldn't put her feet down.

At the very end, Chloe was finally brave enough to hold an animal

We rode the train a few times too.
I don't even know what to say about this picture...
Except that I had to recreate it with my eldest! HAHA! 


squiute said...

Rachelle, always creating a awkward memory, the best kind by the way.