Friday, July 17, 2015

San Diego June 2015

We took our favorite trip to San Diego in June!  I had timed it perfectly to fall between the halfway point of my summer semester.  I finished up two classes right before we left...literally. I gave a presentation in my last class and then hit the road!  We only drove to St. George on the first day because we couldn't get an early start.  It worked out perfect that Debby was going to be staying in St. George that night for work so we got to stay with her!  The kids loved that!  We went out to dinner and ice cream with her.
109 degrees in St. George! So hot!

We made it to San Diego the next day around 3:00.  We had this cute birthday cake that Samantha made for Chloe.  She is very talented!

Samantha and Chloe

The next day was BEACH DAY!  We go to my favorite beach Torrey Pines.

Heaven on earth!

Keaton loved to boogie board!

Shelby and Kelsey.  Shelby has made friends with Kelsey over the past few years of us going to California.  She belongs to one of Michele's good friends.

Chloe wasn't nervous this year about the water.  She loved it!

Building sand castles

Samantha buried her BFF Mackenzie as a mermaid!

Samantha and Michele just got two tiny kittens a few weeks before we got there.  The kids spent almost all of their time with them when we were home.

The next day we went to a aquarium in Chula Vista.  The kids liked seeing the fish and we were able to see a shark feeding and a sting ray feeding.

Keaton liked touching the sting rays.

I love this picture of Chloe on the swing.

We went to the beach again the next day.  The kids were on the boogie boards for hours!

Samantha was nice enough to pull Chloe around on one.

Our last day was spent at the club.  We swam while Samantha had a tennis lesson.

She is a great player!

That night we went to Old Town and enjoyed some awesome food!  I woke up at 3:30 the next morning and drove all the way home.  It was the easiest drive yet and we only had to stop 2 times. 


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