Thursday, August 20, 2015

8 is Great!

Eight is such a great birthday!  We love Keaton so much.  He is such a great helper and an amazing boy!  He loves the color blue and his favorite food is orange chicken.  He loves to play with his bike and scooter.  He also loves to play with legos.  He can read the instructions great and builds even the difficult ones all by himself.  He is a great reader and does exceptional at math.  He loves to go to scouts and loves to play with Shelby.  We are so blessed to have him in our family!
He was so excited to get a kindle fire for his birthday!

I made special birthday pancakes.

Look at those baby blues!  I love him.

Grandma Steed made another awesome birthday cake!

Keaton was excited to get to start scouts. 

We went to Salt Lake to get some baptism pictures done for Keaton.  Everyone loved a little boy in a suit carrying a book of Mormon.  They all thought that he looked like a little missionary.

He looked so handsome.

Samantha took these next pictures. She did such a great job!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random July Fun

Keaton finished up his baseball season with the Red Sox.  He did great!

He became quite the good little hitter!

We had our annual Harmon's Lagoon day that Debby treats us too.  It rained HARD for the first little bit!

Shelby can hardly contain her excitement.

Chloe and I were buddies for a lot of the day...which is totally good with me!

Alysia and Cheryce both came too so the kids had fun riding a couple of rides together with their cousins.

Shelby was so excited that she got to ride on the cat...they are her latest obsession!

Keaton and Daddy

Chloe loved hanging out with Lauren too.  So much fun!

We hadn't been able to go to a parade on the fourth so we had to go to the Clinton days parade.  The kids had so much fun and scored a lot of candy and goods!

We went to Clinton days at the park later and the kids all went in these balls.  It was pretty funny to watch.

Bear Lake and the Fourth

Alysia and Kevin got my parents boat all cleaned up and registered for this summer so we decided to go up to Bear Lake on the 3rd of July.  It was INSANELY packed but we found a great spot and had an amazing day.
I haven't been to Bear Lake in a while.  It was gorgeous!

Nash, Shelby, Keaton, Reese, Ellie, Izzy and Chloe.  I love them!

Shelby, Ellie and Teagan.  Cute cousins!

Shelby and Keaton always end up playing together.  They ARE BFF's after all.

Chloe loves to play with Paige.


Alysia and Kevin rented a cabin right by Bear Lake and were nice enough to invite us to stay with them.  We stayed the night and had a bunch of fun.  The house had a big yard with lots of farm animals near by. We colored our girl's hair with Kool-Aid and played games.  This is all the kids in their fourth of July outfits.
We drove home on the fourth so that we could spend some time with Tucker since he couldn't come to the cabin.  We went to the Layton City park and walked around the booths and enjoyed yummy drinks from Fiiz.

That night we did sparklers and fireworks.  I LOVE the 4th of July.