Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Random July Fun

Keaton finished up his baseball season with the Red Sox.  He did great!

He became quite the good little hitter!

We had our annual Harmon's Lagoon day that Debby treats us too.  It rained HARD for the first little bit!

Shelby can hardly contain her excitement.

Chloe and I were buddies for a lot of the day...which is totally good with me!

Alysia and Cheryce both came too so the kids had fun riding a couple of rides together with their cousins.

Shelby was so excited that she got to ride on the cat...they are her latest obsession!

Keaton and Daddy

Chloe loved hanging out with Lauren too.  So much fun!

We hadn't been able to go to a parade on the fourth so we had to go to the Clinton days parade.  The kids had so much fun and scored a lot of candy and goods!

We went to Clinton days at the park later and the kids all went in these balls.  It was pretty funny to watch.


McCall said...

The pic of Shelby and the cotton candy kills me!