Thursday, October 22, 2015

First half of September

Chloe's started her 2nd year of preschool!

Shelby got major blisters on both hands from crossing the monkey bars.

We went to Pine View with my parents and family.  It was a ton of fun!


Shelby and Ellie

Grant, Lyla, and Chloe

Some cuties with grandma

Ellie and Shelby riding on the tube

Ada, Lyla, and Chloe


Keaton made a boat for the raingutter regatta.  He had a lot of fun.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Keaton's baptism

My parents came home from Africa to be here for Keaton's baptism.  They had only been home for a few days before his big day.  I was so happy to have them home.
The cutest boys!

I love this picture of Keaton and his grandpa!

Mom, Alysia and Alison

Tyler, Dad and Teagan

Teagan and Cheryce

Teagan, Cheryce, Morgan and Talmage

Our family.

Roy Aquatic Center

Shelby's orthodontist rented our the Roy Aquatic Center for all of their patients.  Cheryce's kids were there as were Alysia's, so that was fun!
Keaton, Ellie and Reese

Cutie pie Nash

Izzy and Shelby

Shelby brought her BFF, Katie

Love this picture of Keaton going off the high dive

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More August Fun!

I took the kids swimming the day that I finished my 18 credit semester.  They were such good sports this summer!

My Birthday morning with my cute Chloe

My cute sisters took me to lunch at my favorite place...Hug Hes!

Keaton had his third grade crew building activity at the trampoline place.

My birthday night.  Tucker got me a yummy cake!

We celebrated at the Steeds as well.  Debby always makes the best cakes!


Later that week, Shelby had her crew building activity at a laser tag center.  She had fun playing air hockey with a friend.

Dance/Tumbling Recitals

Over the summer Chloe was able to take dance and tumbling.  She loved tumbling the best because she had one of her preschool friends in with her.
Before her dance recital

Chloe and Lauren had dance the same day so they both were at the same recital.

Cute cousins!

Chloe is on the left side, the third one in from the bottom.

Chloe and Sharly

Back to School

It makes me so sad when the kids have to go back to school.  Can't it just be summer forever?!
Shelby is looking so grown up on her first day of 5th grade!

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My handsome Keaton on his first day of third grade!

First of August

We took a trip up to the Cabin.  Gorgeous as always.

Cute Chloe, Samantha and Shelby


I love these girls!

We took a hike in the morning to a hidden lake. 

Mountain Man!

Chloe won this huge doughnut in a cake walk.

We went up to Taggart to eat.  That place is so yummy!

We also had my birthday lunch a little early while Michele and Samantha were in town.

We went to my cousin's baby shower.