Thursday, November 17, 2016

End of August

This kid can make anything that he sets his mind too.  Today it was a paper glove.  Ha!

My long time BFF got married.  She was the most beautiful bride!

I got to see another bestie at Fiesta.  I love her!

Sometimes you roll up with your crew and things get real.

I took my family to see my new office!  I absolutely love my job.

We went to the Roy Aquatic Center for end of summer swimming.

The summer flew by too fast and the kids had to go back to school.  Shelby's first day in 6th.

Keaton's first day of 4th.

At the school.

Chloe rocked her first day of Kindergarten.  I miss my buddy.

Chloe had her summer dance recital and did awesome.

I drove up to the Huntsville area on my birthday to watch the hot air balloon festival.

Cutest grandpa ever.

The kids found a snake and it was practically like Christmas morning.

That face is happy!

We also played some Frisbee golf before I left.

Tucker and I spent the night in Park City.

Chloe came to work with me one morning while I was getting set up.  She thought it was great.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cabin weekend

Right after we got home from Bear Lake, we repacked for the cabin and off we went.  It was sprinkling and this gorgeous rainbow appeared.

Shelby shaking hands with Jackson.  He is the best dog.

Tucker's dad was up there. 

Mountain man and woman!

Campfire selfie!

Keaton found this walking stick that he uses up there all the time.

They also like to play in their fort in the front of the cabin.

I did some reading for was a great weekend.

Bear Lake

My friend Crystal invited us to go with them to Bear Lake for raspberry days.  Her husband had to work and Tucker had to work so it was just us and the kids.  We had the best time!
We left early Friday and went straight for the beach.  Chloe, Ruby, and Stella all like to play together.

Shelby was content just swimming by herself with a boat.

Kingston and Keaton had fun playing together and digging a big hole.

I love this picture.  Stella decided that she was done with her swimsuit.

Cute little BFF's.

After the beach we went to Bear Lake raspberry days.  We got lots of tickets for the kids to play on the bounce houses. 

Crystal's family have property up at Bear Lake with a bunch of trailers so she let us choose one to stay in.  We also went for some golf cart rides, which the kids loved.

The kids were most excited about being able to sleep in bunkbeds!

The next morning we ate breakfast, went on another golf cart ride to the park, and then left for home. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Beginning of August

Chloe is working towards her back handsprings at Tumbling.

We celebrated Harry Potter's birthday at my parents house.  Addy was the cutest Harry Potter that I have ever seen!

Cheryce sent me this..Look how cute I was as a baby!

Keaton built this cute little block "temple."

We had a little water party with the slip n slide and the water table.

I accepted a position at Sunset Junior High.  I am really liking it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

End of July

I was so excited to come home and see my babies.  I missed them so much!

We went to Cherry Hill with my family.  We had tons of fun.

Chloe got to go with her cousin for her birthday to get a treat.

I had massive amounts of homework to catch up on after my trip.  It wasn't fun.

Keaton loves snuggling with newly shaved Seymore.