Tuesday, June 14, 2016


April was a great month!

We snapped some pictures with the Steed's while we were there celebrating Richard's birthday

We went to the dinosaur park with my friend Crystal

Shelby had her friends over and they had fun at the park.

We went to my favorite baby animal days in Wellsville!

Shelby loves these goats...Keaton not so much!

Shelby's favorite thing to do is hold the ducks.

Cute Izzy and Chloe

Shelby thought that she was too old to ride the horse...pssshhh!

Chloe was so excited to get the white horse!

It was a beautiful day.

And of course it was even more perfect being there with my seester!

Why so sad Chloe?!

National Siblings Day!!

Tucker and I took the kids to Discovery Gateway.