Saturday, July 30, 2016

End of June 2016

I made this cake that everyone said was delicious...

Keaton went to scout camp and came back with a legit knife...lasted about 30 minutes before he cut himself.

We went to the Syracuse parade.  Always a good time, even without the snow cones.

Dad is looking good in a watermelon hat.

Bunch of cutie pies!

We celebrated Chloe and Spencer's birthday at the Steeds.  I love how Chloe is looking at Spence in this picture.

Cutest birthday buddies ever!

We played at Ty and Alison's splash pad one afternoon to celebrate Al's birthday.

We took care of Josh's dog while they were in Vietnam...the kids loved her.

Shelby and Lulu

Chloe turns 5!

They sang to Chloe at church-I'm not sure why she looks so terrified.

We went to a movie and to Chili's for her birthday

Keaton had a baseball game that night so grandma and grandpa came to the game and brought Chloe her own bag of Cheetos!

Chloe had an art party for her friends

It turned out so cute!

Those paint colors make me happy!

Cutest little girls!  Paige, Chloe, Raelee, Shayli, Sharly, Brynlee, Avery, Izzy, and Lyla


They decorated aprons

Chloe opened her presents

Then they got to decorate their own cupcakes

Alysia and Morgan both brought me reinforcements and they were MUCH appreciated!

June 2016

Tucker and I celebrated our 12th anniversary by going to Texas Roadhouse with the kids.  Romantic, right?!

We enjoyed watching Skaley shed her skin

Diva Chloe

Shelby and Keaton went to a week long summer day camp at the Natural History Museum of Utah.  They had a ton of fun.

We enjoyed a lot of baseball games.  Keaton mainly played 3rd base and he was a very reliable hitter.

Chloe and I went to Liberty Park one day while the olders were at camp.

Mom kept Chloe for a couple of the days while the kids were at camp so that I could stay in SLC and study.

Our favorite...boat days!  Cute Lyla and Chloe

The fam dam

Keaton, Kate, Izzy, Chloe, Nash, and Ellie

Shelby invited her friend to come with us to the Roy Aquatic Center

We went mini golfing one afternoon.

Another beach day!  The kids stayed on the paddle boards the whole time.

Cutest beach bums

Brynlee, Izzy, Avery, Chloe


How many kids can squeeze on that thing!

Chloe was tired and cuddling with her baby after our beach day

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boston/ Maine 2016

My parents and I found amazing fares from here to Boston that we couldn't resist so they took me for my graduation.
Just a quick glance down memory lane

I loved Boston and thought that the city was amazing.  The walking historical tour was one of my favorites.

This graveyard was really cool.

We found this beautiful church downtown on our tour and attended the service there.

These cobblestone walkways?! Perfection!

We got caught up in the frenzy that was Mike's pastries.  I thought that the cannoli's were alright.

We went to the JFK museum.  It was very interesting.

My parents enjoyed the clam chowder.

We drove up to Maine one day because that is my 49th state.  Just one more!

My dad got a little friendly with Smokey the Bear

Sometimes you just need to ponder in front of a lighthouse.

Or down by the ocean.

Or under the seaweed

Right after our shenanigans I saw this sign. Oops!

We had lunch at a beautiful small town and couldn't have asked for better weather!

We went to the Salem witch museum...It was lame.

This wax figure looks creepy.

My new friend.

Look at these cute lovebirds

The Boston skyline

We took an amazing whale watching tour and enjoyed lots of whale sightings.

This is my favorite picture I took of the whole trip.