Sunday, July 10, 2016

Boston/ Maine 2016

My parents and I found amazing fares from here to Boston that we couldn't resist so they took me for my graduation.
Just a quick glance down memory lane

I loved Boston and thought that the city was amazing.  The walking historical tour was one of my favorites.

This graveyard was really cool.

We found this beautiful church downtown on our tour and attended the service there.

These cobblestone walkways?! Perfection!

We got caught up in the frenzy that was Mike's pastries.  I thought that the cannoli's were alright.

We went to the JFK museum.  It was very interesting.

My parents enjoyed the clam chowder.

We drove up to Maine one day because that is my 49th state.  Just one more!

My dad got a little friendly with Smokey the Bear

Sometimes you just need to ponder in front of a lighthouse.

Or down by the ocean.

Or under the seaweed

Right after our shenanigans I saw this sign. Oops!

We had lunch at a beautiful small town and couldn't have asked for better weather!

We went to the Salem witch museum...It was lame.

This wax figure looks creepy.

My new friend.

Look at these cute lovebirds

The Boston skyline

We took an amazing whale watching tour and enjoyed lots of whale sightings.

This is my favorite picture I took of the whole trip.


tysqui said...

Looks like a lovely trip!