Saturday, July 30, 2016

End of June 2016

I made this cake that everyone said was delicious...

Keaton went to scout camp and came back with a legit knife...lasted about 30 minutes before he cut himself.

We went to the Syracuse parade.  Always a good time, even without the snow cones.

Dad is looking good in a watermelon hat.

Bunch of cutie pies!

We celebrated Chloe and Spencer's birthday at the Steeds.  I love how Chloe is looking at Spence in this picture.

Cutest birthday buddies ever!

We played at Ty and Alison's splash pad one afternoon to celebrate Al's birthday.

We took care of Josh's dog while they were in Vietnam...the kids loved her.

Shelby and Lulu


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Where is that splash pad at?