Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 5: Barcelona

We really enjoyed our day in Barcelona.  We didn't have any excursions planned so we decided to set off(on foot) to explore the city.
This was our first look of the city as we were pulling in.  You can see La Sagrada Familia clear out in the distance.

This monument was huge!

We walked up the huge touristy street (La Rambla) and did some shopping.  We liked this "Frozen" shirt.

The buildings were some of my favorites. 

There were lots of beautiful churches and cathedrals.

We walked to La Sagrada Familia.  It was massive and has been under construction for over 150 years1

We found a yummy place to eat called Qu Qu.  We got delicious baguette sandwiches and nachos with guacamole.

This was the view from our room balcony on the boat.
This building was one of my favorites.  It had masks for balconies. 

That night we went to the musical Grease on the boat.  They did a great job!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 4: At Sea

We had a lovely day for our at sea day.  We slept in because we hadn't had a good nights sleep yet since we started our journey!
We stayed pretty close to coastline most of the time during the day.

We found a lovely spot to lay out in the adults only area and I read a book.

This was the overlook they had looking back on our massive boat.

We had to get some yummy frozen drinks.

We also went on the waterslides this day.  They were a ton of fun...and scary!

We went to an ice skating show that evening.

We also watched an amazing diving and acrobatics show. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 3- Naples: Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento

This day was probably my favorite day of all. Michele had booked us on an amazing tour, hitting some fabulous places.
This was my favorite picture that I took the entire trip.  Naples at sunrise with Mt. Vesuvius in the background. 

We had a small group for this tour.  We stopped at this overlook and got some amazing pictures of the Italian coast.

Positano is the cutest town built on a mountain.  It was perfect in every way and I decided that I want to retire here!


A panoramic view of this beautiful town.

We were booked for lunch at this amazing five star resort, with a four course lunch meal!!  It was seriously amazing.

This hotel was also on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.  Yes, please!

I love these girls.
This was a bathroom at Pompeii.  I couldn't resist copying it!

They had lemon everything in this part of Italy...and can you see why?!  Look at these lemons!

Pompeii was astounding.  It is huge and only 70% excavated.  You can see the original marble that is left from this amphitheater. 

This was the ceiling on the roof of the spa.  What an intelligent group of people.  The volcano erupted at 79AD.

The casts of the people were heartbreaking.  You could see so many details.  This person was covering his mouth to try and prevent asphyxiation. 

My favorite travel partners.

We go a little bit of rain...I didn't hate it, look how pretty!
Sam and I in the rain.

We also stopped at the town of Sorrento.  They had this shop here that made the most beautiful inlaid wood pieces.  It was unlike anything I have ever seen before.  We shopped a little bit around here and I bought some fresh olive oil.  YUM!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Europe 2016--Days 1 & 2 Rome

Michele, Samantha, and I have been planning a trip to Europe for years as a graduation trip for after I got my bachelor's degree...I can't believe that it was finally here!
This was our view when we were landing in Rome...Our first look at the Mediterranean.

We had a huge plane and good seats.

This was the view from our Balcony in Rome...gorgeous!  We got to Rome in the morning so we stopped off at the hotel and off we went!

So much gorgeous architecture here.  We bought tickets on a hop on hop off bus and it worked really great.

I was seriously excited to see the Colosseum, I took a ton of pictures. 

This was at the Roman Forum, it was astounding to see these buildings that are thousands of years old.

It was seriously so hot walking around here.  We couldn't drink enough no matter how hard we tried.

I loved this building

This was where they had chariot races and other games.

We went inside the Colosseum after the Forum.  It was really exciting for me.

We decided to eat lunch across from the Colosseum.  We had the most amazing pesto lasagna here. 

This building was another one of my favorites.  The Piazza was HUGE.

Trevi fountain!

I made a wish!

The Spanish steps were closed for!

The next morning Samantha and I went out by ourselves because Michele got really sick.  We think she might have had a heat stroke.  I took more pictures of the amazing Colosseum.

The Tiber pretty!  You can see St. Peter's Basilica in the background.

A better view of the Basilica.

Luckily Samantha and I had skip the line passes to get inside the Vatican.

Every single thing inside the Vatican was amazing...except the crowds of people.

This was at the end as we were leaving...I fell down the stairs.

We took the train after the Vatican to Civitavecchia where our boat port was. I tried to get a panoramic view of our ship but it was too big.

So this internet picture will have to do.  The Harmony of the Seas was just finished in May of this year and is the largest cruise ship in the world.  It was beyond words how amazing the boat was!

Inside on the promenade.

Looking over half of the ship.  You can see the Central Park area down below as well as the amazing water slides!

We had a lovely balcony room...this was our view as we left the port in Rome.