Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day 3- Naples: Pompeii, Positano and Sorrento

This day was probably my favorite day of all. Michele had booked us on an amazing tour, hitting some fabulous places.
This was my favorite picture that I took the entire trip.  Naples at sunrise with Mt. Vesuvius in the background. 

We had a small group for this tour.  We stopped at this overlook and got some amazing pictures of the Italian coast.

Positano is the cutest town built on a mountain.  It was perfect in every way and I decided that I want to retire here!


A panoramic view of this beautiful town.

We were booked for lunch at this amazing five star resort, with a four course lunch meal!!  It was seriously amazing.

This hotel was also on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.  Yes, please!

I love these girls.
This was a bathroom at Pompeii.  I couldn't resist copying it!

They had lemon everything in this part of Italy...and can you see why?!  Look at these lemons!

Pompeii was astounding.  It is huge and only 70% excavated.  You can see the original marble that is left from this amphitheater. 

This was the ceiling on the roof of the spa.  What an intelligent group of people.  The volcano erupted at 79AD.

The casts of the people were heartbreaking.  You could see so many details.  This person was covering his mouth to try and prevent asphyxiation. 

My favorite travel partners.

We go a little bit of rain...I didn't hate it, look how pretty!
Sam and I in the rain.

We also stopped at the town of Sorrento.  They had this shop here that made the most beautiful inlaid wood pieces.  It was unlike anything I have ever seen before.  We shopped a little bit around here and I bought some fresh olive oil.  YUM!



McCall Johnson said...

Freaking amazing!! Who are these girls you're always going with!? Do they want to be friends with me too??