Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July summer fun

Keaton's team finished with a win and had improved a ton from the beginning of the season!

I took the kids to lunch at station park one day...I love this sister picture!

Me and my buddy!

Samantha and Michele came into town...we were all so excited!

Michele gave Chloe a matching dress for her and her bitty baby...too cute!!

We went to the Clearfield parade on the 4th!

Keaton is the champion at putting Legos together all by himself.

We had the best time at our annual Harmon's Lagoon day

Me, Sam, and Chey!

Tucker and I got to ride some rides together.

Cheryce was there that day so Chloe got to ride on some rides with Paige.

This was right before Shelby got bumped so hard in bumper cars and we decided that for the sake of her eyes, she can no longer ride on the bumper cars.

Samantha and Chloe got matching tattoos!

Chloe had her upstart preschool graduation...this program is amazing, Chloe is starting to read!
Side note...she wouldn't take her sunglasses off and wore them the entire time.