Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Keaton is 9!!

Keaton is seriously my favorite boy!  He is so thoughtful and loving.  He is a big helper and loves to be involved in anything that Tucker is doing.  He is a pro at math and reading.  He has a knack for being creative and is really great at drawing, sewing, building things, and being able to figure things out!  He still loves the color orange, drinks from Fiiz, Chinese food, basketball and baseball, among other things.  He is best friends with Shelby and plays nice with Chloe most of the time. ;)  We love him SO MUCH!
I was going out of town on his birthday so we celebrated the day before.  We went to a movie and made his favorite things for dinner.  Michele bought him a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.

He got this awesome drone that takes video

He celebrated on his birthday at his grandma and grandpa Steeds