Thursday, June 29, 2017

January 2017

I'm going to squeeze our whole January into one post!  That's okay though...January is my least favorite month.
Chloe and her cousin did a jr. cheer camp and performed at a basketball half time.

Shelby and Keaton were doing long division for fun.

Keaton did awesome in basketball season.

Chloe started repping for a bunch of shops on Instagram and did some really fun shoots.

We used our aquarium annual pass a few times.

Shelby loved feeding the birds.

We had a great snow year and went sledding at my parents.

Keaton had so much fun sledding.

Of course we had to have hot chocolate after.

I went to see my childhood bestie, Whitney at a show she was in.

Tucker took the kids to meet Thurl Bailey

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Santa Clause was very nice to us...and Seymore!

The kids slept until after 8.  They were so excited to come up and see what Santa brought!

Chloe loved her little doll.

And I was so excited about these!

Shelby's favorite was this imaginext power ranger toy. 

Keaton loved this little electronic cat.

We had a white Christmas!  It snowed most of the day.  I thought this scene was so perfect!

We ended the night with a lovely evening at the Steeds. 

Christmas Eve

Keaton played the part of Joseph (?) in our family nativity scene.  He sure can rock a beard.

Chloe was an angel along with these adorable girls.

It's always to fun to act out the story with all these cute cousins.

We played a fun game where you had to unwrap prizes that were wrapped in plastic wrap while your hands were in oven mitts!

We went to Dianne's after, for more fun.

We call this the sleepy time pose.

All the cute littles on the Steed side.

More December

We stayed the night in Salt Lake with Michele and Samantha and went to PF Changs.

We also went swimming, which the kids loved...I busted my phone right after this.

I caught one of the most amazing sunsets ever!

The kids went sledding at my parents.
We did gingerbread houses at my parents.

Love this every year!