Saturday, December 9, 2017

March 2017

Here is our March in a nutshell!
We started the month with a road trip to Palm Springs because my mom and dad had rented a condo for a week.  I got a flat tire and it was the WORST!  Luckily a kind boy stopped and helped me.

I was so excited to have these views for a week!

These kids loved hanging out at the doc.

Grandpa, Keaton, and Chloe loved trying to catch the fish in the lake.

We went to Joshua National Park and discovered that it was much colder than we anticipated.  We stopped at the local thrift store for some functional over fashionable jackets.

The national park must have given my dad super-human strength!

All of us by the amazing Joshua tree
Cute Keaton!

We made sure to go swimming every day!  The kids were in heaven.  Chloe jumped in without her life jacket on and I had to go in after her-clothes and all!

I had to spend a couple of afternoons at the library to do homework.  The kids made themselves right at home.

Downtown Palm Springs

We took the Palm Springs gondola to the top of the mountain and found snow.

It was right about now that Shelby started to have a REALLY hard time breathing.  She couldn't breath and couldn't walk back to the gondola so I carried her on my back and we took the first gondola back down.  It was really scary.

One of the days we took a long adventure to the biggest desert wildflower bloom in 20 years.  I feel like it would be sacrilegious to post the amazingness in a picture, so you will have to just use your imagination.
Palm Springs Crew!

On the way home we stopped at the cool 7 magic mountains.

Chloe had the opportunity to walk in the Utah Fashion Week bridal show.  It was really fun.  All of the cute girls!

Chloe walked with this lovely maternity model.

Uncle Spencer came out to watch...and her grandma Steed (not pictured)

I love this picture from the show.

The kids lined up their stuffed animals and watched beyblades.

Chloe and Moana

Keaton and Spider-Man!