Friday, January 26, 2018

July 2017 Part 1- Boating, Internship, and Bear Lake

We went to Pine View at the first of the month.  The water was so high!  The kids had the best time.  Keaton loves playing with Max.

Shelby loves playing on the beach.

Water girl

My mom and I on the paddleboards

Cheryce and I floated out to see.

Do I have a suit on???

Chloe and Izzy

I started my Master's internship at GMS counseling.  This was the beginning of an intense, but amazing internship.  I was working every night Monday-Thursday and then Saturday.  I also kept my job at Sunset Junior High.

After my first day at the internship, I grabbed the kids and we headed up to Bear Lake.  My parents had rented an AMAZING cabin for a couple of nights.

They had converted the garage to a huge gameroom.  The kids played in the foam pit forever.

Paige and Chloe eating late night cheese puffs.

We went to hike Minnetonka cave on Sunday.  Chloe found this inchworm.

My gang.

The cave was incredible.

Keaton and Max slept in the garage.  So cute!

Keaton loved this bear that was out front.

We had to have a swim day of course. 

The water was super high so we didn't have much beach to work with.

Shelby was happy getting her tan on.

Cute Chloe and Brynlee