Tuesday, January 16, 2018

May 2017


Keaton got his knife back and whittled some sticks. 

We had a fun crazy hat day with my family.

Shelby wrote this cutest poem for mothers day.

Shelby had to do a presentation that she had prepared in front of a panel of adults.  She did AMAZING!

Chloe drew this picture in a book that the Kindergarten made.

We went to St George with our family.  It was a wonderful weekend.

We ate breakfast overlooking this view.

Chloe had a small part in a movie.  It was fun to be on set.

Keaton won the best of the best award!

Shelby graduated 6th grade with all of her friends.

Chloe was having tummy issues so she had an x ray.

Tucker and I went to park city for our anniversary.  Super fun.

For memorial day we played a fun game of baseball.

And we had an awesome BBQ

Chloe did a really fun shoot at Willard Bay.

And another cool one in the red rocks of St. George.


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Your kids are so gorgeous! I love all the pictures!!