Sunday, February 25, 2018


Tyler and Emmily got married at the beginning of August and it was an insanely beautiful wedding.
They had a rehearsal dinner the night before.  It was lovely.

Lauren and Chloe

Tyler and Emmily

This was 3 days after Shelby's surgery.  She seriously did so amazing.  Also, Samantha is literally Shelby's favorite person in this entire world.  

Wedding day.  Shelby and Chloe were flower girls and Keaton was the ring bearer.

Shelby is such a beauty.

Chloe loved being a flower girl

This was Keaton in action.  He did so good.  The minister even commented on how well he did.

Flower girls in action

Seriously so beautiful

My world

Love this one

Samantha and Shelby

Samantha and Keaton

Samantha and Chloe