Wednesday, August 8, 2018

November 2017

We were at the library and Keaton scared me!

I met up with my friends that I haven't seen in far too long!

My dad took Keats and Chlo to a Weber State football game.

We decorated for Christmas!  Shelby hung the star!

We had a wonderful thanksgiving lunch at my parents.

Chloe did this fun futuristic shoot

My friend Jake and I went to Katy Perry with Tyler and Alison.

We left for a road trip to Cali!

We stopped at our favorite park in Vegas.

We went to hotel Del.  I love that place.

We hung out at the beach for a bit.

Our Thanksgiving dinner at Di's was perfect!

October 2017

The kids had so much fun at the school carnival

Chloe did the best fall shoot

My parents took the kids to Black Island Farms while I was at work.

I took the kids up to snow basin

Shelby had a choir concert.  She did so good!

Chloe had a performance at school.  She loves these cute little friends.

Keaton is a rock star at these rock walls!

Cutest couins

More Black Island Farms

We went to the cabin.  It was cold and fun!

Chloe as Belle.  This was her night costume.

The gang!  I had to come late because of work.

The kids did a great job with their pumpkins. 

Love this crew!

I had to miss my parents Halloween party because of work.  It looked like a ton of fun though!

Keaton's costume

Chloe's day costume.